Roll-On Applicator

Roll-On Applicator

Never be without relief again.

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Designed to make applying roll-on or other oils, ointments, and creams by yourself a breeze. Use it on your back, your legs, feet, or anywhere hard to reach, without needing a second pair of hands.

Why should you use REACH IT?

Easy Application

Apply roll-ons, oils, and creams to hard-to-reach spots like the middle of your back or your lower legs with ease.

Cost Saving

Save money on expensive ointments and balms by using the included roll-on applicator, minimizing wasted product from your hands.

Travel Sized

Small size and a durable, telescoping arm make it easy to bring and store anywhere.

See how it works

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1x - REACH IT ointment applicator, with aluminum telescoping handle, and textured rubberized grip

1x - Roll-on applicator, to turn any product you own into a roll-on

1x - Foam insert, for holding smaller roll-on bottles like essential oils


"REACH IT is a long awaited product. I have been needing others to help me apply my Biofreeze to the center of my back. Now I can apply whenever I need it. Thank you for such a wonderful helper."

Bobby D.

"I use CBD lotions for my aches and pains. They are very expensive. My jar will last me 8 times longer when using REACH IT applicator."

Susan J.

"Love it. Any time I need my aches and pains lotion applied, I can do it myself.  And I love the way the handle shortens up to bring it in my carry-on in the plane."

Tim P.

"I am a hunter/fisherman, My back is sore all the time. But with the REACH IT applicator, I can apply pain reliever any time any where.  What a handy little gizmo."

Bill O.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products is REACH IT compatible with?

Pretty much everything!

The REACH IT cup fits most roll-on products you'll find in-store or online with ease. For any different-sized bottles, you can simply wrap a ring or two of tape around the bottom of the bottle to ensure a snug fit that won't fall out during use.

A custom foam insert is included to fit smaller roll-on bottles like those used in many essential oils.

For products that do not use a roll-on bottle, like some CBD oils or creams, you can use the included empty roll-on bottle to dip into your product of choice and apply it with ease, while saving on wasted product that would normally soak into your hands.

How big/small is REACH IT?

The REACH IT was made with both usability and efficiency in mind.

It extends to 26.5" at it's longest, for maximum coverage and ease-of-use, so you can reach anywhere on your body.

It collapses down to just 11", so it can easily be packed into a suitcase, purse, glovebox, or other places.

How can the REACH IT save me money every day?

When using your hands to apply creams, ointments, balms, and other products that don't come in roll-on containers, much of the product soaks into your hands rather than where you want it to go.

The included roll-on applicator can be dipped into any product, like creams or CBD oils, instantly turning them into a roll-on and saving you time and money.

What if my bottle doesn't fit and falls out?

To make the bottle fit snug just wrap two wraps of masking tape around the bottom of the bottle.